[Theforum] [Fwd: [thalist] Any good web developer/programmer Portals out there?]

javier velasco (mantruc) lists at mantruc.com
Tue Nov 27 11:09:41 CST 2001

yo, i see you there dan, and i agree it would be nice if we could push more
fresh-cycing news to the website, maybe we could even split the page between
articles and news if we had lots of news.

i think the question is now HOW are we going to feed all this content?

"Daniel J. Cody" wrote:

> fwiw, this is the second request we've had to thelist about this in just
> under two weeks.. isaac and i had a discussion about this a couple
> months ago, basically agreeing that we should have more news related
> items on evolt. they don't have to be in depth or rating-worthy, just
> news for web developers.
> my frustration back then came from the fact that metafilter was
> considered a 'web developers news source' more than evolt was, which
> obviously shouldn't be, but is, the case

Javier Velasco
Information Architect

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