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Not sure how related this is, but in the December issue of WebTechniques,
Molly used alistapart as her example of a standards compliant well validated
x-browser site. Someone oughta tell her about evolt.org . . .

So what I was thinking was that we probably need a real strategy re:
who/what are we trying to attract? Can't really discuss tactics until we
know the strategy. If news etc. will attract the right interest, it's the
right thing. Will writing letters to Molly and getting mentioned in trade
journals bring in the traffic/people we're seeking?


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> fwiw, this is the second request we've had to thelist about this in just
> under two weeks.. isaac and i had a discussion about this a couple
> months ago, basically agreeing that we should have more news related
> items on evolt. they don't have to be in depth or rating-worthy, just
> news for web developers.
> my frustration back then came from the fact that metafilter was
> considered a 'web developers news source' more than evolt was, which
> obviously shouldn't be, but is, the case
> anywho.
> .djc.
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> Subject: [thelist] Any good web developer/programmer Portals out there?
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> This may sound a little off topic, but I think it counts.
> The question I have is; are there any good portal sites on the web that
> are geared more towards web developers and/or programmer. Yes, Evolt is
> a great site, but I am thinking more along the lines of sites that offer
> up latest news about web companies - Macromedia, Adobe, etc, plus daily
> news from the tech sector, plus reviews and some how to's.
> What are the sites that people are using as their portals out in
> Evolt-land?
> I have tried Netscape and yahoo and a few others, but they really don't
> offer the kind of content that I am looking for.
> /cdj

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