[Theforum] [Fwd: [thalist] Any good web developer/programmer Portals out there?]

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue Nov 27 13:10:39 CST 2001

djc wrote:

>  > This relates to the "design-related threads" issue as well.  Evolt
>>  has apples, another list (or site) has oranges.  What's wrong with
>>  that?  Do we want to have oranges too?  Or do we want to focus on
>>  apples?  Or maybe we want grapes?
>if apples are 'design', its a poor analogy(apples to oranges) because we
>also have 'commentary'(pineapples), 'reviews'(limes), 'jobs'(coconuts),
>etc.. but maybe i'm misreading what you're trying to say.

No, you're reading correctly.

Evolt does lots of diverse stuff.  All on a volunteer basis.  Quality 
and quantity in each area varies.

Basically I'm making an argument to focus more narrowly.   I've also 
in the past argued for a focus on quality of items... others have 
argued for more focus on quantity of items.

"what the community wants" can vary within the community.  who decides?

Additionally, one can't assume that everyone has the same 
institutional history and knowledge, expectations and goals.  So it 
is helpful to hear a ground-up argument as to WHY you think that 
"category x" is something that should be prioritized.

You've made your arguments
which I respect and appreciate.


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