[Theforum] [Fwd: [thalist] Any good web developer/programmer Portals out there?]

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Tue Nov 27 13:16:59 CST 2001

On Tue, 27 Nov 2001, spinhead wrote:

> Not sure how related this is, but in the December issue of WebTechniques,
> Molly used alistapart as her example of a standards compliant well validated
> x-browser site. Someone oughta tell her about evolt.org . . .

ya, i think that site in particular gets all the attention is because it
advocates itself very well(if not a bit much at times). they have a
minister of propganda in place it seems, and we do now :(
> So what I was thinking was that we probably need a real strategy re:
> who/what are we trying to attract? Can't really discuss tactics until we
> know the strategy. If news etc. will attract the right interest, it's the
> right thing. Will writing letters to Molly and getting mentioned in trade
> journals bring in the traffic/people we're seeking?

i think you've got the strategy right on. bringing people to evolt
hopefully helps those people out and helps the web development community
as a whole out. one thing i've noticed lately, and commented on a couple
days ago, was how much more of a response we get when an article or
whatever is mentioned on *other* websites. those websites are usually
*news* type websites that point to the content, not create it.

so if the question, "Why do we only see large amounts of traffic when an
article/whatever gets mentioned on news sites?" i think the logical answer
would be that people view those news sites at a greater frequency than
evolt because of the higher amount of new, fresh content on them. finally,
assuming we had content more frequently, people would visit more
frequently as they do other sites. the byproduct of that would be in
addition to seeing frequent updates like news etc, they'd also see our
regular supply of wholesome hearty articles :)

ask yourself what sites you vist more than twice a day, then ask yourself

then ask evolt can become a site like that for you. :)


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