[Theforum] finishing up thesurvey

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Nov 27 16:20:03 CST 2001

Comments on the survey itself ...

Should be spell-checked .. drop it into my meo account if ya want ;)


"If you'd like to be contacted in response to an issue or a comment you
raise - hey, we can handle that too! Include your email address in one of
the many text areas in this survey and say 'Contact Me about xxxxxxxx'. We
will. Honest. "

Not sure this is still required since its asked under General 1.


1./1.5 = three questions there .. should be separated out.  But, not sure
why 1.5 is here when the country is asked for under Demographics.  Let's
keep one or the other, I'd say demographics.

4.  = delete "I've never registered" .. too w.e.o. specific .. only adds
confusion and won't really give us the data we are looking for here.  Member
does not equal having a user ID on weo.


3.  How often to you .... should be "do" you

7.  Delete (if yes, skip to question X) at the end .. not needed.


2.  change one of "theforum" to "thechat".


3. "periodical newsletter format" ???

should be:  periodic ?  or periodical, newsletter format ?

4.  If no, why not ?   umm .. relevance ?


"I'd like to see more articles/discussion" checkboxes add to back-end as
well?  I like this box actually.


| http://members.evolt.org/djc/evolt/surveydraft.html

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