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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Nov 27 17:26:43 CST 2001

> fwiw, this is the second request we've had to thelist about this in just
> under two weeks.. isaac and i had a discussion about this a couple
> months ago, basically agreeing that we should have more news related
> items on evolt. they don't have to be in depth or rating-worthy, just
> news for web developers.

I bounced this off Madhu yesterday, and my proposed solution includes a new
"type" of content.

Currently, if Mozilla/IE announces a new .1.2 version of a browser, I have
to make a choice:

 - write up a paragraph about it with a link and submit. but feel guilty
about submitting something so ridiculously short

 - waste time writing up an unnecessarily elaborate article to avoid the
short-article guilt

 - decide not to bother.

Often I choose the latter approach.

Whereas, if we had a new type of content which was *expected* to be short
and provide much of its value in the related link, I don't think this would
be as much of a problem. We'd also avoid the problems associated with people
rating News pieces (do you rate the news, the write-up, or what?).

Currently, we have one type of content ("article") in a varying number of

We should probably have two or three types of content ("article", "news",
"tip") within those categories.

This would also handle the proposed Community category. The "news" type of
content would handle Community News items like Jeff having Aidan, or Bob
getting published somewhere, or so-and-so winning an award. The existing
"articles" would handle things like Matt's CodeFest write-up or etiquette on
announcing a beervolt, etc.

I was hoping to present this in a more visual manner after any IA analysis
of our current site pre-redesign, but oh well.

I managed to confuse Madhu with my first attempt at describing the concept,
so if anyone has any questions, yell out.


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