[Theforum] finishing up thesurvey

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Nov 28 11:49:18 CST 2001

> so, final check.. golden?

ah, the long-awaited final check

time for me to go have a look    ;o)

i was hoping most of the whoopsies would have been cleared up by now and i
could concentrate on minor aesthetic details

also, you are getting honest opinions from a fresh perspective

my apologies if i complain about something that has already been agreed to

are you ready? then, as jimmy from "win ben stein's money" would say, let's

>> Evolt is ... an international web community by, for, and of web
developers dedicated to promoting knowledge and understanding of web
technology; a 'giving back' to the community.

"by, for, and of" sounds terribly stilted, and i much prefer what we
already have -- "a world community for web developers, promoting the mutual
free exchange of ideas, skills and experiences"

besides, repeating our definition/slogan/tagline verbatim will reinforce it

this is not the time to be changing or rewording something as important as

>> 4. How long have you been involved with evolt.org?
>>     *   I've never registered

remove this item, it is confusing -- it opens up that old can of worms
about being a subscriber and/or a registered user

the next item (less than 6 months) adequately covers newbies to the list
and casual visitors to the site

>> 7. In one sentence

make it a much longer text field, or else change to a textarea -- yes i
know this will open up the possibility that someone will enter more than
one sentence, but is that so bad?  if someone really wants to tell us how
they define/explain Evolt.org (change to lower case please) to others, do
we really want to limit them?

>> www.evolt.org
>> 1. Do you have a user account for www.evolt.org?

this is an unfortunate use of the word "account" because fer shure some
people might confuse this with a member account (not realizing that there
is a difference)

better to say "have you registered, i.e. to post articles or comments or to
rate articles"

also, this question is not the right one to lead off with, it should be
moved down between 4 and 5

skipping down to

>> What country are you located in?
>>    United States
>>    Other

oh, that is so bogus

please, list a few more countries before "other"

either that or make it a plain text field


cute, but i suggest SUBMIT SURVEY

a.k.a. the chief idiot
(if you want to make something idiot-proff, you gotta run it by the chief

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