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Michele Foster michele at
Wed Nov 28 11:52:28 CST 2001

Yeah, another delayed response .. honestly, there are not enough hours in
the day right now. ;)

I'll +1 opening up the article approving responsibilities to more people.

I have a few reasons why I'd like to see more people involved.  They

Peer-review .. now this is a key point .. but I think everyone learns from
discussing articles submitted to w.e.o.  Not only the authors, but others
that understand why approaches/techniques are not "good enough" for posting
on w.e.o.  It's very true that right now that those responsible for
approving/reviewing articles are top notch, highly respected individuals in
their respective fields.  That's great .. and it's a good thing that has the Best individuals to review articles .. BUT, only in some
fields .. and often only just one person.

Now, pointing this out is me not saying that I don't respect that one
person's opinions; however, I strongly believe that more than one, ideally 3
in my little world, experts reviewing articles would be a good thing.  And
this goes for all languages/article types.  So, we have three experts for
PHP, ASP, CF, JavaScript, etc.  Granted, completely understandable that some
individuals will cross-over in skill levels, nothing wrong with that.  We
also need individuals that can check articles for grammar, clarity,
spelling, and even code-adherence to the standards outlined in Adrian's FAQ.
Proper HTML in articles is going to become even more critical as we allow
user's to choose different CSS files.

Stagnation .... a recent discussion on this list focussed on more "news"
related articles for w.e.o.  Well, the key problem with that is .. if the
article isn't approved in a timely fashion, then it's old news .. so, why
bother?  :(  I'd like to see more news.

Anyway, I've lost my train of thought .. been side-tracked.  That's all for
me .. for now ;)


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From: "Daniel J. Cody" <djc at>

| unfortunatley no.. not to open another can of worms, but hopefully after
| we sort out a couple things here, that could be an option. theres no
| reason that only the old admin group should still be doing that IMO(and
| FWIW, only about 7-8 people(all of whom are on this list) ) when we have
| such a rich talent pool here.

| On Sun, 25 Nov 2001, Madhu Menon wrote:
| >
| > I don't think *this* list ever had article approval powers. :-/

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