[Theforum] +1/-1 - Graphical Ratings Bar

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Nov 28 12:26:51 CST 2001

Hey folks ...

I need to gauge the acceptance/rejection of this new feature Jeff added to
the test site.

One can see the addition here - Rating (New):


A few suggestions have been made which still need to be incorporated into
the final design including:

* Adding more space/padding between the graphical bar and the radio buttons
to select the rating.
* Modifying the wording for clarity.
* Something else wrt the table's border, but I don't remember what that was.
* Adding to the CSS files, a class for the colour of the bar.

Anyway, what say everyone ..

(1)  Do we add the graphical representation of the ratings?

(2)  And, part two of this .. do we use the "new" rating scale of poor,
average, good, very good, excellent?  (A "-1" to this indicates we keep the
original rating scale of bad, poor, okay, good, great!!).

Thanks for the feedback .....


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