[Theforum] +1/-1 - Graphical Ratings Bar

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Nov 28 14:00:48 CST 2001


Yes, to the best of my knowledge, your interpretation is correct.  (Vote


| > (2)  And, part two of this .. do we use the "new" rating scale of poor,
| > average, good, very good, excellent?  (A "-1" to this indicates we keep
| > original rating scale of bad, poor, okay, good, great!!).
| aard makes a good point about the ratings change.  I do like the new terms
| better than the old terms though and the rating scale isn't changing, only
| words defining each segment ( ex: 1-1.9 now is "bad", would become
"poor" ---
| 2-2.9 now is "poor", would become "average").
| +1 if my above understanding is correct.

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