[Theforum] survey now on surveymonkey..

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Wed Nov 28 16:27:13 CST 2001

in case anyone is wondering, i'm not updating the draft page on my m.e.o
account anymore..

I've got most all the data moved to surveymonkey, and thats where I'll be
making any final changes.. Some of the questions and options have been
modified slightly you may notice - this is because the survey builder only
allows for a finite amount of form combinations.. for example, the
'back-end' and 'front-end' questions have been modified as it wasn't
possible to have a matrix of rows with radio buttons and a checkbox on the
end of each one. so i had to split them apart a bit.

ah what the hell: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=5634188862

take it, lemme know whats wrong or what you have questions about. all data
entered between now and when we go live will be deleted, so go nuts. right
now, access is set to "
Multiple Responses per Respondent (Shared Computer)  - After completing or
exiting the survey, respondents will be allowed to enter additional
responses.  Once respondents leave the survey, their answers are
considered finished and cannot be edited.  Useful for computer labs and
tradeshow kiosks."

this is necessary for people like me who sit behind a proxy server with a
single IP address but want others that sit behind that IP to take the
survey too.

so, go nuts, lets work out any remaining kinks. the look & feel *WILL* be
changed so don't worry bout that.

also, we need a writeup announcing this :)

if it seems like i'm in a hurry, i kinda am as friday i'll be moving in
all day and i dont have internet from home ATM. :)

thanks bunches everyone.. we're on the home stretch here :)


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