[Theforum] RE: Article Approvals

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Nov 28 18:03:27 CST 2001

If anyone is interested in nominating themselves for admin privileges to
assist with various day-to-day functions (trust me, it's not all that
exciting -- all the cool stuff is now happening on theforum), you should
email admin at lists.evolt.org with your details, reasons for nominating, and
perhaps a brief recap of your participation within evolt.org (thelist,
thesite, theforum, WEO, MEO, etc).

Previously, admins have usually been added via a process of selection and
then a vote. However, if you're interested, you could always ask.

As Michele has detailed, applicant skillset is of particular interest for
purposes of ensuring quality articles, so don't leave info like that out.

The existing group will, as has happened in the past, vote on each

Please be assured that a negative vote may not necessarily be indicative of
the quality of your contribution, but may be reflective of other factors
(i.e., the view that admin should be lean, etc).


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