[Theforum] Article: Community News - Category Definitiion (First Draft)

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Nov 28 18:19:13 CST 2001

> Do you mean the "monthly report on community news" article, authored by a
> few members pulling together various snippets submitted?


> Or was consensus received to opening up this new category, so
> that anything anyone wants to report can be a new article?

I don't think contributions would be long enough. It would have to be a
weekly/fortnightly/monthly thing until future implemention. See this thread
for some details: "RE: [Theforum] [Fwd: [thalist] Any good web
developer/programmer Portals out there?]"

> I liked the option of a monthly report .. were there volunteers
> going to run
> with the idea?  If so, they can prepare an info article for submission to
> this category, then the monthly articles also get posted here?

Yes, Emily and I have a skeleton so far of an intro/announcement article.


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