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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Nov 28 19:41:59 CST 2001

> I'm sorry, when was this decided?

It has been a standard process for entry to the administrative group (also
doubling as the directing group for much of evolt.org's history). In almost
every case, someone has been nominated internally, but that doesn't mean
that someone can't nominate themselves from outside. The fact that that
hasn't been clear has led to many being unclear about the tasks/work of

> Just so it's clear, this wasn't a decision by admin or anything.

Err, from memory, this was how you were added to admin. There was a vote and
people looked at your contributions/value to the community and said yes/no.

If you had said "can i join?", the vote would have occurred similarly.

> Personally, I think if you want to edit articles. Just say so. Unless
> you're Jack the Ripper or something, I don't see what the problem would
> be.

OK, someone wants to edit articles. You've never heard of them but they're a
lurker on thelist. They're not Jack the Ripper or one of his friends. Other
than that, you know nothing about them.

Do you give them administrative privileges?

I wouldn't.

Thoughts from other members of theforum?


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