[Theforum] Re: Article Approvals

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Wed Nov 28 19:58:21 CST 2001

isaac wrote:
>> I'm sorry, when was this decided?
>It has been a standard process for entry to the administrative group
>(also doubling as the directing group for much of evolt.org's
>history). In almost
>every case, someone has been nominated internally, but that doesn't mean
>that someone can't nominate themselves from outside. The fact that that
>hasn't been clear has led to many being unclear about the tasks/work of

I do believe it's this group that we're specifically trying to change with
this move. So, I don't see how this applies, really. If you change the
group's nature, the way that group is created is certainly subject to

>> Just so it's clear, this wasn't a decision by admin or anything.
>Err, from memory, this was how you were added to admin. There was a vote
>and people looked at your contributions/value to the community and said

Again, this seems irrelevant considering the group I was asked to join is
COMPLETELY different than it is now and even more different than (it
like) it will be 2 months from now.

>> Personally, I think if you want to edit articles. Just say so. Unless
>> you're Jack the Ripper or something, I don't see what the problem would
>> be.
>OK, someone wants to edit articles. You've never heard of them but
>they're a
>lurker on thelist. They're not Jack the Ripper or one of his
>friends. Other than that, you know nothing about them.
>Do you give them administrative privileges?
>I wouldn't.

Lets see. We've had this conversation how many times now? At least
three. Each time we count the "what ifs" and each time I counter each with
an addition to the CMS that would prevent it completely or add the ability
to restore from a backup.

Or don't you remember the big crisis when i was going to *prototype*
something without admin's approval? *shrug*

Must we do it (the conversation) again?

And until those additions are in place, let's just stick with people we
know. But there's  no need to gather resumes.

>Thoughts from other members of theforum?



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