[Theforum] Re: Article Approvals

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 29 12:52:51 CST 2001

On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, isaac wrote:
> It has been a standard process for entry to the administrative group (also
> doubling as the directing group for much of evolt.org's history). In almost

it *was* standard practice. and admin at lists.evolt.org is no longer the
administrative group of evolt, this group is. admin at lists.evolt.org
approves articles and answers emails. ... i should say, "10 people
subscribed to admin at lists.evolt.org approve articles and answer email"

if you mean administrative as in 'answering email and approving articles',
i'd agree with that. if you mean administrative as in 'still makes all
decisions', i don't agree with that.

geez, i thought we were over this and moving on?

> OK, someone wants to edit articles. You've never heard of them but they're a
> lurker on thelist. They're not Jack the Ripper or one of his friends. Other
> than that, you know nothing about them.

more doomsday scenerios.
> Do you give them administrative privileges?
> I wouldn't.
> Thoughts from other members of theforum?

ya. if someone wants to approve articles, they should be able to. most
every person on this list(even those lurking) i'll personally vouch for.

have you noticed the amount of stagnation there is with new articles
lately? we've got 5 articles in there now that haven't been touched by the
'admin group', the oldest from oct 31st. it reflects poorly on evolt as a
whole when authors don't hear anything about articles they took the time
to write and submit to us. should a person really have to wait up to a
week at times to see if their article gets approved or not?

i had to deny a news article last week because it sat there for so long,
the news was *no longer relevant*. and you want to *restrict* the number
of people who would volunteer to help out?? wtf!?


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