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Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Thu Nov 29 14:22:09 CST 2001

On 01:32 PM 11/29/2001, spinhead said to me:
>I think it would be really helpful to those of us who are active on theforum
>but have never been privy to the whole 'admin' thing to get some idea of
>what goes on behind the scenes. Sure, we can guess that someone does this,
>that, and the other thing, but how about a list of tasks that need to get
>done? If you've been doing something for three years and want some help, let
>us know. Hey, I'd love to be involved with editing articles, but I'm just so
>technically broad that I don't think I'm deep enough in any one area to
>verify someone else's code. Writing style, spelling, grammar, etc., sure.
>Some of us would be glad to do anything we can - but we need to know what it
>is, and where it is, and where to put it, and who to do it with, blah blah

+1 to everything Joel said.  I'd love to help out wherever possible.

A random thought on article writing encouragement, too: everyone has ideas 
for articles, but nobody has time, right?  What if there was a list of 
potential article ideas that was out there that people could run with if 
they had the knowledge and the time to write an article about them?

I know my biggest hurdle for article writing has been ideas.

Meh...brain wandering this afternoon.


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