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Thu Nov 29 15:02:25 CST 2001

(my reply to this and elfur)
Well, in practical terms, if folks outside the building wanna get in,
someone inside has to open the door, right? If we're trying to open up
'admins' to be closer to 'theforum' that's great, but realistically, either
the whole admin group agrees (like, um, voting) or a single admin does it
unilaterally, or some admins do it without notifying the other admins or
waiting for consensus.

I have the impression in the past that privileges were extended based on a
consensus of existing admins. I don't see why that would change. Should it?


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> yes he was asking if more people wanted to help.
> my problem with it was the 'volunteer and submit your qualifications to
> admin and they'll decide in private' part, not the 'more people should get
> involved' part.
> .djc.
> On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, Elfur Logadottir wrote:
> > |
> > | The one thing I'd add is that the more people we have watching for
> > | articles, the more people will see mistakes come through, and the
> > | they'll be fixed.
> >
> > and isn't this exactly what isaac was doing ... asking for more people
> > edit articles?
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