[Theforum] Re: who gets to edit articles

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Thu Nov 29 16:11:02 CST 2001

elfur said:
>but why? isn't it a fact that you're on the admin list to 'admin' ? true
>not all there are active, but that just means that they aren't active.
>i would love to hear your argument for the difference of the two. plus
>deliberation of your part as to whether there should be a difference or

Ick... tangent.

Hopefully we can dispose of this quickly so we don't lose sight of what
we're really talking about here?

I'm not on the admin list.
I do administrative duties.

Most others are on the admin list.
Some don't do administrative duties.

What's left? Evolt's direction, eh? That's theforum now.

There's a difference. But, it doesn't matter. It wasn't dan's main point
or even *a* point. Just a comment.

one of the problems we had on admin is that some would rip out (violence
not meant to be implied) the things that had nothing to do with
the rest of the email and dispute that.

Let's try not to do that. It makes for a overly-stuffed inbox with not
much progress.

Thanks elfur,


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