[Theforum] Article - Announcing Survey (First Draft)

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 29 16:37:47 CST 2001

nice start!


something that says, 'tell your friends' and share the URL or something

a list of people who've contributed by name(if they want) along with
theforum list. even if its a list of 20 people, this is an *excellent* way
to recognize people that've contributed which will hopefully solicit more
help from people reading that. like a, "Hey! i know madhu! how did he get
involved with evolt? his name is being viewed by thousands of people. i
like being respected by my peers too, i wonder how i can help..." -
obviously, thats a bit childish and made up, but thats what people think.

maybe mention who and what 'theforum' is - this is going to be the first
time a lot of people have heard that term before. they should know what we
are, how we do things, and most importantly we're an open group of regular
evolt members.

should be good to go soon :)

speaking of leo, what did the vote come out to be by those that've voted
so far?


On Wed, 28 Nov 2001, Michele Foster wrote:

> * Ignore HTML .. it's created to be dropped into the CMS directly.
> * Should an end date be provided?  If so, two weeks, month?
> * If consensus has been received, I'll link theforum to leo, but we'll see
> on that.

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