[Theforum] who gets to edit articles

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Fri Nov 30 12:48:48 CST 2001

> vince h is a good example. till about 3 months ago, he was on 
> the admin at lists.evolt.org list despite not having sent an 
> email to that list or contributing in any way in over a year. 
> by your definition, he is an administrator of evolt.org.
> by comparison, michele is not on the admin list yet continues 
> to contribute time and effort to improving evolt and helping 
> out with almost every project. again, using that definition, 
> she isn't an administrator of evolt.org - an 'admin'.

Okay, but who decides?

I do think Vince is an admin (in your example) because he is on this
list. If he should not be on the admin list then that's an issue.

If the pauper is elected king than king he is. Just because others see
him as a pauper does not mean he is not the king.

- amanda

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