[Theforum] Re: Article Approvals

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Fri Nov 30 15:26:59 CST 2001

Dan wrote:

> > i also seriously doubt any of the current volunteers would 
> do anything 
> > malicious.  however, how we handle this in the future will 
> depend alot 
> > on the answer you give to my question above.
> i think most of us are pretty good judges of character.. I 
> also think that people are, on the whole, trustworthy. i 
> really can't see someone wasting the time to become trusted 
> just to delete a couple articles off a web developers website 
> that they know are going to be restored anyways...

I just want to interject here that my trust in regards to the admin
group was seriously rocked over the past six months. I've "known" some
of you for five years now and been involved with evolt for over three
years. So, what does that say that I was faced with the stark
realization that all of a sudden, I didn't trust?

It required me distancing myself from the admin group to move beyond
that. I don't want to rehash but just use this as a talking poing. Trust
is a huge issue, especially among people working in this medium.
However, just because you trust someone doesn't make them trustworthy.

I do not want to let this boil down into flowery hyperboles about the
"evil lurker" or any of that crap. However, I would like it if we could
get away from the trust issue and recognize how hard that can be to
establish. I would like us to step away from the trust line and respect
that other people have different boundaries. And, I would like us to
stop using "trust" to put other people down. I've found in life that
those people who have to say "don't you trust me?" usually cannot be

- amanda

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