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.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Fri Nov 30 17:35:15 CST 2001


> From: rudy
> i want to use "admin" to mean only those people with
> admin privileges


> right now, this is congruent with everybody on the admin
> list, plus perhaps matt, as i just noticed his post
> where he says he does admin tasks but is not on the
> admin list anymore
> FACT:  there has to be a list for people doing admin
> tasks (where else would the automated article
> announcements and evolt emails go?)
> PROPOSAL:  the above list should be admin at lists.evolt.org
> anybody have a problem with that?

no.  caveat --  if the list of people with priv >= 3 is not congruent with
the list of people subscribed to admin at lists.evolt.org then those with priv
>= 3 and not subbed to admin at lists.evolt.org stay out of those day-to-day

why do you ask?  well, if you're not subbed to the list there's no way to
know if you're out in the dark or not about something that's being discussed
on the list that may be holding up execution on something.  if you want to
be involved with those day-to-day tasks, participate (reading archives does
*not* equal participation) on the admin list.  otherwise i almost see no
need to have priv >= 3 if you're not subbed to admin.

just my 2¢,


jeff at members.evolt.org

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