[Theforum] Re: Article Approvals

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Sat Dec 1 12:59:47 CST 2001

Matt wrote:
> c) I don't understand your comment about formality
> I don't think this has anything to do with formality. It 
> looks like this comes down to what happens with Joe User 
> wants to help out with the community. 

On the issue of formality. What I was trying to get at is that trust is
a pretty imprecise measuring stick in my opinion. Let's say that Anna is
in on our little forum list here. Let's say that we decide to have an
editorial team or something. Anna contacts me a lot offlist and we have
great discussions. She says she wants to help out. Now, I can recommend
that she join and back up my recommendation with "I really trust her."
Or, I can back it up with "Anna seems like she really knows her stuff
and she has a background in this kind of work and says that she wants to
broaden her skills while helping out the community *and* I trust her." I
think the latter makes a stronger case for the largest number of people.
It is a more formal method of introduction. It allows for a discussion
of qualifications which I think is just fine.

> Do we let him after 
> certain safegaurds have been added to our CMS? Or do we take 
> a vote of [insert entity] and only allow the volunteerism if 
> [insert entity] thinks it's ok?

I don't know.

- amanda

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