voting & power (was: RE: [Theforum] Adding theForum to l.e.o.)

Martin martin at
Sat Dec 1 18:36:56 CST 2001

Erika Meyer wrote on 11/26/01 8:34 PM

>My point was that it is important to keep power shared amongst a 
>group of people, to have rules or procedures for operation, to follow 
>those rules, and to set things up such that no single person (or 
>small group) can bring about a catastrophic change in the org... 
>that's what I was trying to emphasize.

And I think the other important thing is that having a clear,
fair (and more importantly *visibly* fair) way of changing
how that power is shared (both by changing the methodology
and the people involved) is essential to remaining open.

Particularly as the size increases.


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