[Theforum] An Idea ...

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Sat Dec 1 19:03:04 CST 2001

Michele wrote:
>I was giving some thought to how could all of theforum review (i.e. see)
>articles, but only allow those that know how to do it, have been brought
>up to speed, etc. to edit the articles.  What I thought of was another
>Priv level (/me hears Rudy groan).. let's say 2.5 for the sake of
>argument. Anyone with this Priv level would be allowed to view all of the
>admin interface that currently exists.  However they would not have the
>Edit, Approve, Reset and Delete buttons available to them (both comments
>and articles).  This would allow everyone that wants to, to participate
>in the discussions of article worthiness, accuracy, etc.  This would
>allow those that are interested to pay attention to the article review
>process .. not a hard thing to do with the Article Alert headlines that
>are automatically generated.  It will also allow for the new people to
>slowly get their feet wet .. they can still provide constructive
>criticism on each article, via email.  Which is exactly how it is (or
>was, I don't know if this changed since I left Admin) done now within the
>Admin group.  Once someone feels confident enough and wants to take on
>the "official" role of editing/approving articles, they can tell/ask the
>group.  e.g. "Article X needs a lot of editing, I've got time, no one
>else has taken on the task, can I edit it?"

But why the need for another priv? Why not give them priv=3 right off the
bat? If they dont' feel ready, they can just sit back like we did. If they
do feel ready, they can edit. If they felt ready and they really weren't
and they mess up, we would be able to restore the content to where it was
before they got their hands in it.

Sorry, Im' just having a really hard time finding a reason for any type of
validation process. In my view, regardless of whether we go with a
trust-based induction or not, we need the CMS changes. And if we have the
CMS changes, then I don't see the need for this review process of people
who WANT to lend a hand.

Like I said to Michele, it will be a sad day at evolt when we tell someone
who wants to help out that they can't because we didn't get enough people
to "okay" their helping hand.


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