[Theforum] blah blah. Or, who gets to edit articles

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Sun Dec 2 16:11:08 CST 2001

> and yet, as i catch up on email after being gone for the weekend, the
> discussion on the admin at lists.evolt.org list continues with 50 new
> messages since friday mostly debating the future and power that this list
> should have.

dude, take off your djc-goggles. approx. 40 msgs between friday and sunday.

just under 20 are about article approvals or email responses. (general
administrivia type stuff)

4 or 5 are votes to approve or invite admin nominations.

9-15 (not really mostly, eh?) are 3 people arguing about our first german

i didn't see much/anything about theforum at all... (besides wolf clarifying
past issues in 2-3 msgs)


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