[Theforum] blah blah. Or, who gets to edit articles

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Sun Dec 2 16:24:27 CST 2001

From: "Daniel J. Cody" <djc at members.evolt.org>

| On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, Elfur Logadottir wrote:
| > exactly, but those that are administrators should be there, cause
| > what the admin list should be for. ('specially since we've moved the
| > discussion over here).
| and yet, as i catch up on email after being gone for the weekend, the
| discussion on the admin at lists.evolt.org list continues with 50 new
| messages since friday mostly debating the future and power that this list
| should have.
| the backstabbing continues behind closed doors while everyone plays nice
| here in public. bullshit.

dan, take it easy man.
first off, you're dead wrong, and you know it.

there's no debate going on on the admin list regarding the future and power
of this list or any other for that matter. yes there is a debate, but it's
on a narrow field concerning reaction to one special case and nothing else.

not to mention that there is no backstabbing going on at all.

| while the majority of the discussion here and behind closed doors
| continues to focus not on positive things for evolt, but on the reasons
| why a select group of people should be allowed to edit articles in
| private.(for example)

stop this reference to the discussion behind closed doors. you've
participated in that discussion for three years *and* we are working on
changing it, so work with us, not against us. And stop bitching about your
co-workers in a way that is beneith your inteligence.

| are these discussions really furthering evolt.org as a community? are
| making evolt a better, more useful place for the web developers of the
| world? are you, by soley contributing in the way of endless arguements
| about minor issues in the grand scheme of things, building community?

you know, while this is not a regulated list, there's no real control as to
what is discussed. Therefor, if someone feels the need to discuss some
specifics, then so be it. There is always the choice to skip a thread,
delete unread. i suggest you use that.

| just some thoughts to address a lot of the issues i'm seeing lined up,
| won't read because, frankly, i've got better shit to do.

good decision.

have a nice week.

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