[Theforum] blah blah. Or, who gets to edit articles

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Sun Dec 2 17:14:14 CST 2001

From: "Daniel J. Cody" <djc at members.evolt.org>

| where do you get coding from? thats not what i meant, and you of
| all people shouldn't assume and imply that i did.

let's not jump on a single phrase here, thanks.
whether you meant coding or not is not the issue, but rather that you
didn't like the future discussion and you preferred that others did some
practical working instead.

but you see, if we look back on our discussion last week (yours and mine)
about the sensible way to go about these things, we both agreed that we
need to have this list (theforum) open to all and advertised on leo, and we
need to have some form of subsection from this list where the pure
administration takes place.

what is left of that discussion is the implementation part ... and that has
to do with the future ... which is basically all we've been talking about.

it has been aired that we have a structure, that we should open up
(admin at lists.evolt.org) and the opposite has also been aired that we either
form a new list or we keep that discussion on this list (theforum).

now if you ask me, i say let's use what we have (admin at leo) and my reason:
- no need forming yet another list when we've got the mechanism inplace.
- it would get *really* difficult adding that noise on to this list
(remember admin this spring, when one kept missing the 'important'
discussion because of the noise ...)

so, let's get on with it, ok?


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