Version control vote was: [Theforum] Re: An Idea ...

rudy r937 at
Sun Dec 2 17:17:33 CST 2001

a vote on whether we want version control?

ye gods, how could anybody *not* want version control?

holey moley

okay, +1 from me too

but it's pointless poll

it's like having a vote on whether we want free medical care

sheesh, everybody can see the benefit, who's *not* gonna vote for it?

the real question is, how much is it going to cost?

i've worked with version control systems (admittedly, a while ago, but

my impression is that you spend up to 50% of project time and effort in the
overhead of just wrestling with that pig

yeah, yeah, so somebody writes up the spec -- "the version control system
must be easy to use"

which is as big an oxymoron as ever there was -- if it's easy to use, it'll
have holes, and if it don't have holes, it'll suck your motivation dry

i sure hope my cynicism isn't rubbing off on anybody


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