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martin_ at mac.com martin_ at mac.com
Sun Dec 2 17:33:23 CST 2001

On Sunday, December 2, 2001, at 11:15  pm, Daniel J. Cody wrote:

> tell ya what. i'm going to finish up some tangible things before i 
> explain
> to you what they are. i would have imgagined that you being involved 
> with
> evolt for two or so years now would know for yourself what some of those
> things are.

Yes. It was the  "You're all chatting and not doing any
work" implication I was objecting to. The chatting *is* work,
even if you don't see tangible stuff coming out of it in the very
short term.

Which was this bit:
> it's never ceased to amaze
> me how much time people can put into argueing the future of evolt and
> which way it should be run, and by who. Yet when asked to actually do
> something tangible for evolt besides postulating its future, they're out
> of time.

99% of problems with organisations occur as a result
of failing to think and discuss things through properly in advance.

And major issues take more discussion.

Dan, what you really haven't grasped is that developing and
running an organisation is a skill which requires time, dedication
and experience, just as admining a server. It's not something
you can rush. It takes work. Experience is useful.

You have your specialism. Others have theirs. Developing
an organisation in terms of its people and how they relate
is just as important as having high-quality technical systems
(which we've got btw) to support that organisation.

And as we've shown, developing the technology is the
(relatively) easy bit.

> and where did you get 'how evolt works as a community of
> people'??

What we were discussing. The 'postulating the future'.

> again you're using words/phrases which i did not.

I'm sorry for summarising.


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