Version control vote was: [Theforum] Re: An Idea ...

rudy r937 at
Sun Dec 2 17:46:12 CST 2001

>Are you talking about version control for WEO code?

presumably so, if cms equates to weo

but it wasn't me who called the vote, it was martin

    "So, in principle, do we want version control in the CMS?
     +1 from me... as a basic health  even outwith the current discussion."

if all we do is dump submitted articles into a mailing list archive, that's
not much of a version control system

besides, any competent database administrator (note: i'm not a dba) should
be able to recover deleted rows from database logs, in case an article gets
accidentally deleted, but as far as i know, editors cannot delete articles

but as a simple precaution, yeah, dumping submitted articles into a mailing
list archive is not a bad idea

like that 30-minute loop in the airliner's "black box," it's only really
important when you need it, so it doesn't have to be a very big archive

still, that's *not* a version control system


(you know that indestructible material that they make the black boxes out
of?  why don't they make the entire plane out of that?)

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