[Theforum] community news intro draft

Isaac Forman isaac at triplezero.com.au
Sun Dec 2 18:13:10 CST 2001

Here's my draft of an intro message for the Community News monthly recap.
Since Community News is actually the wider category name, this recap itself
probably needs a name. Any suggestions are welcome.


The bullet list is currently missing: "meeting another evolt.org member", so
keep that in mind.

For those interested, the first edition of this recap is likely to include:

 - the birth of jeff's son, aidan
 - olly's graduation
 - bhurkin's win
 - the evolt.org sighting on siliconvalley.com
 - my forms article getting mentioned on christina wodtke's newsletter and
on iaslash
 - headlemur/AH launching his pixelview project


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