[Theforum] volunteers and nominations ...

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Sun Dec 2 18:35:55 CST 2001

ok, so far the following have shown their interest in helping out in anyway
they can.

Ben Dyer
Garrett Coakley
Joel Canfield (spinhead)
Madhu Menon

just an FYI, i have formally nominated them for admin status so that their
enthusiasm can be put to work immediately.

if i've forgotten anyone that volunteered, please speak up, either onlist
or contact me directly, cause that was certainly not my intention.

now whether admin is going to be the administration group in the future is
still up for debate, but i just want to make sure that those that have
already volunteered won't be hindered to do so merely because of our debate
of structure and processes.


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