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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Mon Dec 3 10:09:28 CST 2001

At 09:27 PM 12/3/2001, aardvark typed these words:
>what happened to telling me which page i'm on (out of x pages) as i
>move through the survey?

I asked this question a few days back, and Dan said that surveymonkey 
doesn't support this.

>am i the only one having problems with the radio buttons and
>"next" being double-clicked?

Eh? I only needed to single-click both. The first time you click on a radio 
button, there is a slight delay (probably because of the "selected" graphic 
being downloaded).

>in the country listing, "United States" is somewhat ambiguous...
>isn't Mexico technically the "United States of Mexico" for instance?

Well, it could probably be "United States of America". For countries like 
Mexico, however, it's better to use what most people call it. Otherwise, 
you'd have "People's Republic of China", "Republic of India", "Kingdom of 
Sweden", etc. and that would confuse the hell out of most people 
(especially people like me who just press "I" twice in a country dropdown :)


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