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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Mon Dec 3 13:42:42 CST 2001

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From: "A. Erickson" <amanda at gawow.com>

| > What's your suggestion? Are you wanting to exclude people you
| > don't trust just because one of them might edit code in an
| > article and force us to restore it from the archive?
| Ack! Hating the whole trust issue. Did I mention that?
| What about people who suck at editing? When can I kick them out?

When you or others take over the role as "lead editors" for grammar,
spelling, etc. issues.

Until such a time.. it is unfair to criticize other people's contributions,
even if those contributions are not as good as you would like.

IOW, if there are problems... fix them .. but please don't complain about
others trying to help to the best of their abilities.

btw, no one should be kicked out .. unless they've done something maliciousl
intentionally .. I don't consider not having a Masters' degree in English to
be good justification.

My humble two cents,


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