[Theforum] admin additions ... in the spirit of open evolt.org

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Mon Dec 3 16:16:48 CST 2001

so we're adding on our administration list.

the first batch of volunteers is already on board.
adding the fabulous four isn't the only change we've done.

We've also formally handed over the direct authority to theforum list,
finally changed the admin at leo list into pure administration list, and last
but not least, opened up the archives for the rest of you to see how we do
all this stuff we do.

so, if you're really interested, here's what we're saying.

oh and, if any of you haven't volunteered already, and are interested, just
let us know. Either by posting it here on theforum or on the admin list.


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