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Wed Dec 5 12:10:37 CST 2001

Gerard Depardieu has a big nose too, but I hear chicks really dig him. (what
a chauvinistic 60s thing to say. Shame on me.)

I think the FQA should be a prominent feature of the site, and I think we
should drive people there like a herd of cats. Crack that whip! Get along,
little dogi- nope; that don't work.


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> >Hey, I did that too!
> >I've even given you a flattering title:
> http://madman.weblogs.com/2001/12/03
> thanks madhu
> sorry i missed that when it first came out
> flattering indeed, thanks
> no, no sarcasm intended, i am flattered
> want a smiley?    ;o)
> that's my winking smiley with the trademarked big nose
> (i've had a big nose all my life, but have grown quite fond of it, as long
> as i remember not to stick it where it don't belong, eh)
> okay, let's get this thread back on topic
> do you think the FQA should also be on evolt as an article?  i think
> what you wanted when the subject first came up
> rudy
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