[Theforum] confidentiality of survey results

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Dec 7 16:37:13 CST 2001

> i'll be pouring over the data this weekend, getting it ready for
> dissemination and digestion :)

that should be "poring"

i trust that's just your usual laxity in spelling, dan, and not a freudian
slip (picture bombay gin spilled all over your monitor...)

(btw, one o' my favourite misspellings, seen again recently on another
list, is "bare with me")

anyhow, i have a question about the survey results

will the raw data be available to anyone other than yourself?  the reason i
ask is that we promised two things --

       We CAN promise that your answers will be read by
       real live people, discussed, debated, and given at least
       as much consideration as you take in providing them!

       Your response to this survey will remain completely confidential.

the first part suggests that it might be appropriate to give the results to
everyone on theforum

the second part suggests that discussing it on theforum (which has an open
archive) might compromise the confidentiality

one way to ensure confidentiality is to have only dan keep the raw data,
and distribute and discuss only totals/averages/counts and anonymous
comments on theforum

how do y'all feel about this?


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