[Theforum] Re: +1/-1 Author Info Blocks

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Sun Dec 9 18:20:09 CST 2001


>no offense, but this is easiest if you just cast a vote and leave the
>additional info out of it.  there's been plenty of time to debate the
>merits of various approaches.  now is not the time.

No offense taken. I've always given reasons for giving negative votes, as
do most others.

I'd prefer to keep that additional info so people know whether I'm -1ing
a concept or just the specific implementation. I didn't know which we are
voting on since it was on both theforum and thesite.

It's different if I -1 an author block altogether or just on the article
page. I'd prefer to make that distinction if that's ok. +1 votes aren't
ambiguous at all, but -1 votes can cause confusion as to my position.

Maybe kind of like giving a reason for denying an article and not
needing to state a reason for approving one.

Thanks jeff,


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