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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Mon Dec 10 08:36:34 CST 2001

At 07:58 PM 12/10/2001, aardvark typed these words:
>i *am* in favor of having all the author info... however, if we didn't
>have so much crap on the page, i'd say it gets its own section (like
>ratings or comments) as 'bio' with the stat piece embedded within it

That's what I said. You *are* agreeing with the need for the author info 
(like me) but don't like the design (even if your reasons are mildly 
different) - like me.

There you go.

Adrian, it's bloody obvious that we're going to need a redesign, and a 
major one at that. As you mentioned on admin, several little bits and 
pieces have been grafted onto a layout that wasn't fit for them. It's only 
going to get worse as we find more features to add.

As Isaac said, the IA needs to be redone. But why work in the dark? Let 
those survey results come in. It's quite possible that what the rest of the 
users think is diametrically opposite to what we think should be done. I 
wouldn't recommend designing anything now only to to throw it away later.



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