[Theforum] +1/-1 Author Info Blocks

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:It's voting time again .. ;)
:Please respond +1 / -1 on the following two items.  Note, this message
:cross-posted to thesite and theforum, one only needs to respond in either
:Here's a sample page taken from teo.

:(1)  Author's block of info as displayed .. photo if one exists,
:plus number
:of articles written average rating and total number of ratings.  This block
:of info is styled using the sidebar class.

:(2)  Author's bio and other articles .. located at the end of the article,
:before the rating bar.  Again, this info is styled using the sidebar class
:of the (at this time) existing stylesheet.  This includes 5 of the author's
:other articles if they exist (there's some fancy math to this, but I can't
:remember what it is .. i.e. content categories will be displayed before FAQ
:ones .. or something like that).  If the author has not written any other
:articles, then that part is left off altogether (i.e. it doesn't say "this
:author hasn't written anything else").  Same with the bio, if the author
:hasn't entered one, then nothing is displayed (much better than saying,
:"this author hasn't supplied a bio" ;).


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