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At 08:23 AM 12/10/2001, you wrote:
>At 09:41 PM 12/10/2001, Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns typed these words:
>>Is she OK? Is she in the hospital? Prayers are there....
>It wasn't a car accident (thankfully). She slipped and fell in the 
>bathroom last night, according to my brother. Cut her lip and her nose. No 
>major damage, but since I live about 1800 kms (1125 miles) away from home 
>and my dad's in the UK on a business trip, I had to make sure that there 
>were no need for any further treatment.
>Thanks for caring.


Ah, OK. I'm glad it wasn't more serious. Still doesn't sound fun (ouch!!).

(RE: assuming it was a car accident..... funny how brains work at 

My dad's almost 84, almost died of a massive heart attack in May (and a 
long list of complications). He's now living by himself in an old folks 
community about 5 hours' drive south of me in Carmel, California, and his 
choice, not ours (my brother, sister, me). It's not nearly as far as you 
are, but it still drives us nuts.

I'm glad she's OK, Madhu, or at least not more seriously hurt.


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