[Theforum] confidentiality of survey results

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Mon Dec 10 10:39:05 CST 2001

Hi Rudy,

Yup - I remember "ghoti" as well!

Reminds me of the Dr. Suess "Tough Coughs As He Ploughs The Dough" ...
hmmm .. not sure why ... maybe because it's the opposite effect?  Words
that look the same and sound different?

... and then there are 'Spoonerisms' ... "Son, it's kisstomary to cuss
the bride!"


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From: rudy [mailto:r937 at interlog.com]
> Hey Rudy, what's the name for the phenomenon of accidently using
> similar-sounding words e.g., "no" instead of "know", "their" instead
> of "there",

    What is "ghoti"?

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