[Theforum] Clarification .. was Author Info Blocks

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Mon Dec 10 11:07:00 CST 2001

> > I mentioned a few things in my voting email. You want a critique?
> I think he wants a GIF or HTML mock-up of what you think it 
> should look like. 5 minutes should do it.


Ditch the info at the top. Leave the top part just like it is. Have the
name still always go to the member page with all those funky stats that
one can toggle on and off.

Put a slim little block at the bottom of the article like I have in the
jpg above. Limit the size of the photo and the size of the text
allowable on that page. Offer quick links to the article list, email and
bio page.

I think this allows the content to come first. It gives props at the end
of an article which is probably where a person is most interested in it

- amanda

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