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.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Mon Dec 10 11:22:30 CST 2001


> From: aardvark
> > ah, but i *am* a user.  that's got to count for
> > *something*.
> nope, sorry, nuthin'...

ah, but you have to allow it to account for something or your own user
feedback doesn't have any weight either.   ;p

> changing the date format is actually not something that
> i would qualify as requiring user notification...
> unless you can cite an example why a user might get
> confused, i'm not seeing it...
> do we need to explain going from this:
> 12/10/01
> to this:
> 10 Dec 01

we need to consider that some users don't immediately recognize that the
second one above is even a date.

those that notice the date format change and then the ability to change the
date format for themselves a couple of weeks later are going to shake their
head and wonder why we bothered changing the date format just for a couple
of weeks.

> don't take this the wrong way, but what's faster?
> - the short list of tasks you described above?
> - changing the format in the template?
> if i knew CF, i'd just write cut-n-paste code... but
> i'm coming from the ASP side, where i see this as a
> two-second change...

in all honesty the tasks are about 5-10 minutes different in the time it
would take to execute.  to change the format in the template, i still have
to open a number of templates where it's hardcoded.  i have to open these
templates anyway to make it so the format comes from the login query.  the
only additional piece i have to do is build a table, insert the various date
formats, add a query to the user signup/edit screen to grab all those
formats, add a dropdown to the user signup/edit screen to allow them to pick
one of the formats, and add a column to the insert/update queries to store
the user's selection.



jeff at members.evolt.org

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