[Theforum] Why do so many people care?

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Mon Dec 10 11:53:55 CST 2001

I just wanted to throw this out there.

For everyone that has been sweating the author's blocks -- thank you so
much. I think everyone can come pretty close to agreeing that the
concept is a good one that is good for us as we move forward and grow.

However, a lot of people have a lot of opinions on this feature and I
just want to put out there the 'why' of that as I know it can be

This new feature is, to me, the perfect confluence of where so many
aspects of web dev come together. You have to deal with backend code,
front-end code, graphic design, interface design, information design,
community building and just the overall character change that this might
mean for evolt as a whole.

It's big stuff and that's why people care.

I don't have a solution for when this stuff comes up. In my opinion, our
groups have become quite large and somewhat disparate. So, when the
stuff shifts through the group it takes more time then maybe it should
to come to a final solution. This is the "throw it on the wall and see
what sticks" method. As long as we can come out the end with something
that as nearly as possible meets the objectives that it needs to meet
then that is okay.

- amanda

P.S. I'm not subbed to admin or thesite so if you need to flame, don't
forget to cc me at amanda at gawow.com.

amanda at gawow.com + http://gawow.com 

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