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Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns skaiser1 at skdesigns.com
Mon Dec 10 11:56:50 CST 2001

At 04:32 PM 12/09/2001, you wrote:
>here's my reason for my negative votes --
>the site isn't about us, it's about the content
>nuff said

As I'm looking at the author bio blocks, I've kinda liked how it's been 
already and wonder why all that stuff needs to be on the page with the 
article in the first place. I agree with Rudy that it's about the content. 
Admittedly I'm new to Theforum list and I don't know why you all have been 
talking about changing this in the first place, either.

The page seems far too cluttered adding all that. I don't think it's 
necessary. IOW, I'd still go for the IA of having a link to more info 
rather than having it all that on the article page.

As a longtime visitor to the site, I enjoy checking out the author info, 
too, reading about the author, but my first and primary reason for going to 
evolt is to check out the content, and I DO note who wrote it, as it helps 
to know that. THEN, and if I have a moment I'll check out more about the 
author by clicking on that link.

I do feel it's important to acknowledge and appreciate those who spend the 
time to write the articles, so I'm not disregarding that, of course.

My thought at the moment is to leave it alone for right now. You're all 
talking about a redesign, and you could implement something with that 
redesign if still desired. I'd still vote for the uncluttered approach with 
a link to the author information and NOT having it at the top of the page. 
If you really want something on the page, you might consider an approach 
like digital-web, too -- brief bio info at the bottom, more details on a 
separate page.

And by the way, since I'm a designer/developer I'd be happy to jump in and 
assist with that in some way, wherever my assistance can be helpful.


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