[Theforum] the "portal" look

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon Dec 10 15:37:56 CST 2001

>> rudy, that joke about 3 columns might not be a joke soon...
> Okay, guys; have pity and tell my why a 3-column layout
> is the devil's plaything.

hi joel

presumably you don't mean like in a newspaper, where you read down one
column, go back up, then down the second, etc. -- this method totally fails
on the web, unless it's constrained through monstrous programming effort,
like on the international herald tribune (http://www.iht.com/, note the www
is mandatory) [but i like their floating nav bar, it's so cute, can we do
that with the black tab thingie?]

what i'm against is the "portal" look, where it seems internal departments
have gone to war to ensure they are all represented somewhere above the
fold, with the result that the page is so crammed full of crap that you're
not really sure where to look for what

which is starting to happen with our sidebar

a really good satirical take on this is
http://www.ecnet.net/users/gas52r0/Jay/ -- read the copy, it's hilarious


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