[Theforum] the "portal" look

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Mon Dec 10 16:16:50 CST 2001

Hey, that's exactly what I was recommending. Only make it an all-Flash site.

No, certainly nothing like that or like a newspaper. But, visually, lots of
evolt.org is almost 3-column already, with the section headings down the
left, content in the middle, navigation on the right.

But upon reflection, I suspect rethinking the depth vs. breadth is probably
the right thing - fewer, but broader, on the sidebar.


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> >> rudy, that joke about 3 columns might not be a joke soon...
> >
> > Okay, guys; have pity and tell my why a 3-column layout
> > is the devil's plaything.
> hi joel
> presumably you don't mean like in a newspaper, where you read down one
> column, go back up, then down the second, etc. -- this method totally
> on the web, unless it's constrained through monstrous programming effort,
> like on the international herald tribune (http://www.iht.com/, note the
> is mandatory) [but i like their floating nav bar, it's so cute, can we do
> that with the black tab thingie?]
> what i'm against is the "portal" look, where it seems internal departments
> have gone to war to ensure they are all represented somewhere above the
> fold, with the result that the page is so crammed full of crap that you're
> not really sure where to look for what
> which is starting to happen with our sidebar
> a really good satirical take on this is
> http://www.ecnet.net/users/gas52r0/Jay/ -- read the copy, it's hilarious
> rudy
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